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Want to model different financial retirement scenarios

but don’t really know how?

Find Out When YOUR Retirement Money Runs Out!

I've procrastinated !

Because I just can’t stomach the thought of figuring out who to trust with my money, or paying them high fees.

I hope I don't live too long!

A long life is a wonderful gift unless you run out of money!  How many years will your retirement be — 15, 20, 25, 30 years or more? l

Here’s The Problem:

It’s Not Just You.

Smart, capable people everywhere struggle to feel comfortable with financial and retirement planning or just lack the patience to create their own tools and methods.


Most people struggle to feel confident in taking an active role in planning.


The online tools are either too simple, or too complicated.


Turning to planners costs thousands of dollars per year.


People are living longer and will need more money thank they think.


Even if I don't want to do the planning, I do know I need to understand it better.

Problem #1

Fee-based retirement planners cost a lot of money, even a small 1% fee could easily be tens of thousands of dollars per year — every year!


Problem #2

Even if I can stomaching paying the high fees, I really have no way to know if the planner is doing a good job.  And if I can’t tell, how do I know it’s worth the money?


Problem #3

The investment markets — stocks & bonds — don’t always make sense, and even the smartest, best planners can’t predict crashes.

Problem #4

People are living longer and longer, I’m afraid the money I’ve saved — while substantial — won’t be enough.

There’s an easier, better way to approach retirement financial planning

What do we non-financial people do to protect our nest-egg, grow it further and just get “unstuck?”

Collect and organize your information

You really do have all the information you need already — things like your household bills and expenses, your discretionary spending plans for vacations, etc.  You already have a good idea of what money is coming in and what will go out.  It just needs to be organized, and you want to make sure you don’t leave anything out.

It's easy to do yourself

Since you already have all the information you need, you totally can do it yourself.  Often the most brilliant solutions are the ones that are the simplest.  It’s just math. [but I hate math?!] Read on!

What do I do when things change?

It’s easy to make changes when you have a good plan foundation.  It’s a matter of plugging in a different number in most cases.

Set goals and stay on track

Your retirement/financial plan is really just a number-crunching exercise.  But it does need evaluation at least once per year to make sure things are going according to plan.

Nobody watches your money better than you do!

Even if you hate math or are just not good at it, the simple fact remains: “Nobody watches your money [or your kids] better than YOU will.”  And given the right tools, even the most math-adverse person will get comfortable quickly.


My Financial Advocate Master PlanR™

The MasterPlanR™ is an easy-to-use downloadable set of spreadsheets you can customize to model an unlimited number of different financial scenarios. Just plug in your numbers and it calculates the changes to your income, your retirement accounts, your expenses and even your taxes. And, it calculates the changes for every year through the age 100. With the Master PlanR, you’ll be able to quickly and easily optimize all of your finances and get the most out of your retirement. Model as many different scenarios as you want, the spreadsheet is 100% yours to customize.


100% Customizable, Downloadable Bundle


cash flow & budget planner


rmd table + annual calculation


step-by-step instruction video


current tax tables and brackets

This is exactly what you need to get started planning your own retirement now.

NO Expensive Fees

You get the Master PlanR digital bundle for one easy low payment of $47.

NO Sales Calls

We hate phone calls.  And, you’ll have everything you need.

NO Risk

We’re here to help every step of the way. You’re never alone.


I have always been a very cautious investor with my 401K, afraid to do anything other than “guaranteed interest.” I do know I’ve lost out on a lot of stock market gains thought. I’ve spoken to financial planners and even just the guys you get for free from whatever bank your account is at, but I always glaze over when they start throwing around financial words and recommendations. It just makes me more afraid to do anything since I don’t understand. But since I’ve put my numbers into this spreadsheet, I can see how changing the investment return over many years affects my total wealth, and, found that even if I invest fairly conservatively, I can still (and SHOULD) withdraw money from my IRA sooner rather than later because I don’t have children and would like to spend my money not only while I’m alive, but while I’m still young enough to really enjoy it. 


Retired, St. Augustine, FL

I’ve always told people “if you want someone who can do spreadsheets, I’m NOT that person.” Well, I was wrong in this case. And maybe just this case. I was skeptical that I’d really be able to do it.

But after watching the how-to video that explains what everything does and how it works, I just put my numbers in and followed the instructions. I even had my husband look at it, and it really was as easy as they say.

Thanks for making it so much simpler to have a good grasp on what the financial possibilities really are.

Now I don’t automatically hate spreadsheets.


Pre-retiree, Basking Ridge, NJ

I saw this offer and thought “I can make a spreadsheet myself” but then I realized, even though I’m retired, and even though I’ve wondered how different scenarios for claiming social security, for my wife’s retirement date & pension collection might play out… I’ve never done the math.

At this price, it’s really a steal. It would take me at least 6 hours (if not more) to put all this together myself, and if I paid myself $37 to do it, I would have made $6.16 per hour. S o it’s a total bargain in my mind!

I also love that it’s a regular excel-style workbook. I can make as many copies of the worksheet as I want so I can save different models and compare them easily.


Retiree, Pennsylvania

Order the program now, and you’ll also get these bonuses: 

Financial Resources

Handy list of great resources for financial and market information – at your fingertips.

Private Group

Need help? Have a question?  This is where you get all the support you need.

Trello Board

An easy-to-use companion APP to keep you organized.

The Master PlanR™ from My Financial Advocate

Your personalized, digital financial planning tool you can use to model and project different income and spending scenarios, calculate taxes, and manage how much you leave behind in your will [or not!]

Total package valued at = $841.00

Today’s Price = just $37

Purchase securely with PayPal, the safer, easier way to pay!

Downloadable Workbook & Worksheets

(the spreadsheet calculator, tax tables, RMD tables, inflation tables & personalized chart)…………………………………………………………. Value $497


Cash Flow & Budget Planner

(downloadable spreadsheet to map out all your income & expenses

quickly & easily)…………………………………………………………………… Value $47


Step-By-Step Video Training

(easy-to-follow video walkthrough of each worksheet, and all the data
columns that drive your planner)………………………………………   Value $297


Members-Only Group

(collaborate with others to ask questions and share insights on how to plan — and live — your best retirement)…………………………………………. Value Priceless


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not happy,  we’re not happy. We put an awful lot of work into the spreadsheet and all the bonus materials, and it’s already helped people — just like you  — take control WITH CONFIDENCE of their financial information. So just take a week to check it out and if it doesn’t do what we’ve said it would do, request a refund. It’s that simple. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if i mess up one of the formulas in the planning worksheet?

The very first worksheet is the master sheet, it’s got sample data in there and all the formulas to calculate investment earnings, income needs, RMDs, and taxes and lets you model different scenarios like when you start social security, when you start your pension and when you take retirement account withdrawals and how much. There are some columns that require you to put in figures so that the information is customized to the situation you are modeling. If you accidentally delete or otherwise damage any of the formulas, you can simply refer to the master worksheet. It is a locked sheet meaning you cannot change it at all. So if you need to make a fresh copy of the master worksheet and start again, you can easily do it.

What should I do if I get stuck, like really stuck?

If in your modeling work, you get stuck — something happens that you can’t figure out, just pop into the members only Facebook group, post a screen shot (blur the numbers if you want) or post your question, tag me (all the instructions on how to do that are in the materials you’ll get) and I’ll answer your questions and get you un-stuck. You can also ask the group for help and opinions if you’re having trouble assessing or deciding something. Sometimes, it takes a village, right?

What if I have multiple investment accounts?

If you have more than one retirement account, whether it’s tax-advantaged (401k, 403b, IRA, Roth IRA, Permanent Life Insurance, Annuities, etc.) you can either model each one separately, or you can create a worksheet for each one just to model the expected return (market change — either gain or loss) and then take those final balances (add them together) and place them in the proper column on the main worksheet, then average the rate of return across all the accounts and use that as the expected rate of return. And, if this proves to be too much, reach out to me via the FB group or support email and I’ll work with you to get it done.

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